Safety Evaluation PACKaging LABoratory
Problem solving

Resolution of problems in the field of packaging such as negative interactions between packaging and food, residual odours in materials and performance defects.

Technical and analytical consultancy

- Technical consultancy addressed to Food Contact Materials (FCMs) producers and users for the development of analytical protocols associated with projects in the sectors of packaging and materials used for their manufacture

- Analytical consultancy for the development of methods of analysis

Technical and legislative assistance
for Food Contact Materials (FCMs) producers and users

- aimed at the development of analytical plans by evaluating the supporting documentation (food contact declaration of conformity, drawings and technical specifications, labeling, etc.) provided by the applicant in order to verify their suitability for European and national standards

- aimed at verifying compliance with the positive lists in the current legislation of the substances used in the production of specifically regulated FCMs (plastic, paper, etc.)