Safety Evaluation PACKaging LABoratory
Risk assessment

deriving from Food Contact Materials (FCMs) by means of screening analysis (requirement provided for by art. 3 of Reg. EC 1935/2004).

The evaluation of the Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) requires dialogue and collaboration throughout the supply chain. In order to protect information, Sepack Lab makes itself available to its customers through confidentiality agreements.

Evaluation of barrier effect

- of the layer in direct contact with food against any contaminants coming from other layers of the packaging

- of the primary packaging against contaminants coming from the secondary packaging

Challenge test

- Study to verify the efficiency of decontamination processes on recycled plastic intended to come into contact with food, as required by Reg. EC 282/2008

- Study to evaluate the barrier effect of multilayer structures A/B/A consisting of a layer of recycled plastic (B), added with surrogate compounds, inserted between two layers of virgin plastic (A)

Evaluation of printing inks

- Risk assessment due to the use of new formulation printing inks for packaging by means of screening analysis

- Evaluation of the potential risk of organoleptic damage

- Risk assessment of set-off by means of screening analysis